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Chocolate Kebab

The chocolate kebab is an exciting new way to serve chocolate. Stopping customers in their tracks, creating a theatre around your business. Just imagine a freshly made pancake stuffed fill with shavings from the mouth-watering kebab then topped with a limitless range of toppings.

Chocolate Kebab is a family run business with over 14 Years experience working within the chocolate industry. Our Chocolate Kebabs are the most affordable on the market.


Why Chocolate Kebab Company?

Simple. Earn huge profits whilst having fun working with the latest chocolate craze.  

Low Maintenance

Our machines are reliable and come with no serviceable parts and easily cleaned. Therefore simple to operate.

360° View

We offer the only machine on the market with a 360° view. No bulky metal structure is obstructing the view. Meaning our machines will look great in any situation.

After Care

Our dedicated maintenance team are available 7 days a week to deal with any enquiries. 

Get Rewarded!

Chocolate Kebab offers a fantastic reward program to ensure you maximise your profits.   


We are the only business that will truly work with you to offer a taylor made machines to suit the needs of your business. Double Kebabs, extra slim design, additional colour lighting chat to discuss your own unique machine.

Our Support

Looking for more information? Why not contact a member of our team we are happy to help you.